the riptide rhythm

These are the most common questions that I get asked when people first get started. How should I power my pedals? Should I use 9v or 18v? Why do you need a clean power supply? What is wrong with a daisy chain? So many questions on what you would believe to be a simple topic, right? Actually, this is where the most common mistakes are made. I have seen people fry pedals and make a really good sounding pedal sound really bad just from giving it the wrong voltage. Read On →
Earthquaker Devices, or EQD has always been a pedal company that drastically changes your tone. They are very experimental and most of the time, amazing. The Space Spiral does not drift from that line of thinking. It is analog delay with a modulated sound much like the 70’s sci-fi era. If you are wanting a normal analog delay or don’t like the experimental sounds that EQD, then just stop reading. Read On →
Oh man, pick/plectrum materials are now becoming a highly debatable topic. I never thought I would see the day but it is here. There is wood, acrylic, Celluloid, tortex, Ultex (polyetherimide), UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), Nylon, Delrin, stone, metal, bone, or glass. So, there are a bunch of big words for “fancy” plastic and a few others. I could go on but nevertheless, there is a boutique market for picks to be explored. Read On →
I have not been paid for this review. Overview Walrus Audio unveiled at NAMM ‘17 their new distortion, “Red”. It’s a “take no prisioners” non-transparent distortion. So if you want it to act as a clean boost, then this is not for you. It contains an active EQ, volume, and gain controls, along with a “texture” switch as well as true-bypass. The “texture” switch toggles between an uncompressed, overdrive-like sound and a more compressed, tightened sound. Read On →