the riptide rhythm

No one paid me for this. Honest opinions. Overview Misha Mansoor’s Horizon Devices released their first product a while back called the Precision Drive but people keep asking me for my opinion since I own one. This pedal is an overdrive pedal designed for modern metal, not your dad’s metal. The pedal was built by MXR, so it is definitely durable. It has passed my strenuous and thorough toddler testing system. Read On →
Blue Finish No Lacquer Finish Lacquered Unbuffed Finish After the first telecaster kit, I wanted to do a full kit without a pre-finished body. I am going to break this whole into a couple of posts and I want to focus on finishing a guitar and how I approached this Les Paul.I wanted a Les Paul when you could still see the flame or quilted maple and the one that I loved came out of the Gibson Custom Shop. Read On →
So I decided it was time. I am tired of buying guitars that aren’t exactly what I want. I always end up replacing everything in the guitar, from the nut and the strings to the electronics. I decided that I needed a guitar with single coil pickups. I am a Stratocaster person so I decided that it was time to build a Telecaster. I like my guitars at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Read On →
When starting out with pedals, the hardest thing to do is decide what kind of pedalboard you should get. I struggled with this and everyone does. You don’t know where to start or what to get. When you first start digging, you will come across Velcro, mounts, or zip ties. Velcro is the most common of the three. So, I will try to explain the cons of each then let you decide for yourself. Read On →
These are the most common questions that I get asked when people first get started. How should I power my pedals? Should I use 9v or 18v? Why do you need a clean power supply? What is wrong with a daisy chain? So many questions on what you would believe to be a simple topic, right? Actually, this is where the most common mistakes are made. I have seen people fry pedals and make a really good sounding pedal sound really bad just from giving it the wrong voltage. Read On →